“Preparation is key!” Not sure who was the first one to tell me this, but honestly I am starting to feel like it is a bunch of bull. It doesn’t matter how much I try to get organized and ready, I still don’t “feel” prepared. Even though most of my thoughts have been dealing with getting ready for the birth of my son, I feel this way in life often.

Are You Prepared

When my mother would take my brother and I back to school shopping it just seemed like it was always more stressful than just showing up our first day with a pad of paper and a pencil. I mean honestly, there would be something that wasn’t on the list and we would have to go back and repeated the whole process. So it really didn’t matter how prepared we thought we were, we always were missing something.

The Bible does talk in depth about preparation and I do think that it is a serious matter however, there is a huge difference in what I perceive as preparation and what God say’s in his word. When we try to prepare for our day, there is always going to be something missing if you didn’t fill your day with the love of God first. If God was not the first thing on your heart and you did not acknowledge him, then lets face it, you are not ready for the day.

I am not judging anyone, because I am totally guilty of forgetting or trying to do other things first. This is typically when I fall short and realize that I am nothing without God as the center of my life. Being prepared for the workday, and also being prepared for my child, although seem extremely important are nothing with out the guidance and direction the Lord provides.

Earlier this week I had my first nightmare about my son being born. I won’t go into to much detail, but I was not prepared and didn’t even have my son’s going home outfit (pictured below, so cute!) let alone his car seat.

Going home outfitSo in the dream they wouldn’t let me have my son, and were going to take him away from me because I wasn’t a “prepared” mother.

Needless to say I did not sleep well the rest of the night, I kept thinking about everything that needed to be done and everything that I was still missing. Especially things I needed that my husband and I cannot afford.

Just as I was starting to give myself a headache, I felt the presence of God wrap his love around me. He spoke the words that have echoed in my heart each day after having that dream, “These preparations are in vein if they don’t include me; let me show you what you need and lean on me. It is through me that you will not only have what you need, but the knowledge you need to raise this child I am blessing you with.”

I am honestly not one to cry often, except apparently when I am pregnant, but I broke down and cried in the bathroom as my husband continued to snore in our bedroom. I didn’t realize how much stress I was putting on myself to be perfect. The anxiety that I was feeling wasn’t just about the things I needed to be a good mom, it was about being a good mom. I allowed doubt to enter into my life simply because I didn’t feel I was prepared. There is no book you can buy that will tell you how to be the perfect mother, there are books that try but lets be realist! God is the only one who can teach and guide us to be who He has called us to be.

I know this may not seem that bad to some, but here is a sneak peak into my nursery. I will make sure to post an updated photo once I have it all done!


Pregnancy Issues – Gestational Diabetes

Originally I was just going to make a generic post to get started, but honestly my journey has already turned down a different path in the last 48 hours.

{Background Info} I am in my third trimester of pregnancy with my first child. Since I am only 26 there is no reason I should have a high-risk pregnancy, but as with everything else there is always a curve ball aimed at your head and if you don’t duck you’re screwed.

There are a lot of tests that the doctors perform to make sure that mom and baby are okay. So far all of my tests have been negative, but lately things have been a little more out of control. The first surprise was high blood pressure, normally not a problem for me however it does run in the family. So I was hospitalized last weekend to be monitored for hypertension. All was fine with that and I was sent home. Then I got a call from my doctor yesterday that the results of my glucose tests came back as positive for Gestational Diabetes (from now on I will refer to this as GD).

If you have never had to take a glucose test consider yourself lucky. There are two stages of this test the first one is only 1-hour long and you have to drink a “sugar water” beverage and it is gross!glucose-drink

If you are getting ready to take it, make it as cold as possible, but do not put it in the freezer (I almost didn’t see that on the label the first time). I failed that test, but that didn’t mean that I had GD so I had to come back and do a 3-hour test.

Basically for the 3-hour test you can’t eat anything for 8 hours, so its better to do this test in the morning. Once you get to the lab they will draw your blood for a control group then the real fun begins! Again you drink/chug the “sugar water” and then you wait. You will be brought back to the lab 3 more times to have blood drawn to see how your body is processing the sugar. Personally felt fine after the first hour.

Honestly Diabetes is a big fear of mine. It runs on both sides of my family and even on my husband’s side, so I was a complete wreck when I got the news over the phone and to make matters worse – I was still at work so I broke down in front of everyone!

It took awhile for me to pull myself together, but this is what I have decided and what I have told myself over and over throughout the day “I can handle this!” Of course there are risks for both the baby and myself, but I am going to do everything that I can to make sure we are both happy and healthy.Whatever changes need to be made I will make them.

This is just another side road that I have to take on this long journey of life, but I will take it in stride and come out on top with the help of family and friends.

Oh don’t be surprised if you see some recipes go up on this blog now since I have to cut out a lot of carbs and sugar. Besides I already found a recipe for Almond Butter Cookies that I have to try!

If you have had or know someone how has had GD please tell me how you handled the news in the comments below.