Hot Mess Mom

Sibling Love
He normally isn’t interested in the belly, but more and more he is starting to get that a baby is coming!

Yep, that’s me!

I am a hot mess mom! I never have a clean kitchen for longer than 5 minutes and just as the laundry has been folded and put away another pile magically appears.

On weekends makeup barely makes it on my face and I am lucky if I get a chance to wash it!

Luckily, my family doesn’t mind, or at least they haven’t expressed that they find it to be annoying…other than my husband’s hatred for a dirty kitchen sink! 🙄😜

Napping Toddler
Piles of laundry on the bed and piles on the floor in the closet. Tobias doesn’t mind, he is passed out for his nap!

Officially, I have entered the third trimester and this pregnancy seems as though it is flying by. We just picked the paint color for the nursery for gosh sakes! Nothing is ready, including me.

I had planned on so many things, but life just keeps getting in the way! And by in the way, I mean keeping up with an active and loving toddler who just can’t sit still and loves to take adventures to the gym, store and more. He may also be slightly obsessed with Paw Patrol!

Tobias is excited to be a big brother, but he hasn’t fully grasped the whole concept. He is convinced that a baby is in my belly, but his (spoiler alert) baby sister is in his belly!


I’m sure things will start to come together, and I know this baby will receive tons of love and attention, but man, do I feel behind on everything!

I’m proud that I am a working mom, but that does mean for the most part when I am home I have to prioritize my time and I will always pick spending time with my family over a clean house.

I will admit that I wish I had a house cleaning fairy! And if you are a full-time working parent and you have a super clean house more power to you!

For now, I’m content with my happy, messy home filled with great memories and lots of love.

❤ Sarah

3 Games To Play With Your 3-Month-Old

Recently I had a great friend come over to visit my family. It was great catching up, and like all people who don’t have kids… they have questions.

Heck, I still have questions!

What Does He Really Do?

My favorite question that I get from almost all of my friends is,  “What does he do?”

I loved this question; because it is one I always asked. All my son seemed to do for the past two months was eat, cry, poop and sleep. I didn’t know how to play with him. Because of my experiences my response was “Honestly, they don’t really do anything.”

It’s true!

Don’t let anyone tell you different. Until a baby can smile at you on their own, not a reflex, there really isn’t much that they do.

Don’t get my wrong, you should smile, tickle and “play” with your baby as much as you can. This will help build not only your relationship, but also your child’s motor skills.

What a baby can do and what you can do with your baby are two totally different things – at least in my mind they are! If you don’t engage your baby then typically they are just laying there, staring into space, or at their hands if they have reached that stage (My son is fascinated by his hands right now).

Tobias playing with his hands...
Tobias playing with his hands…

Tobias still hasn’t developed his muscles enough to sit up yet, so our playtimes are limited to just a few activities. Here are 3 games my son loves so far.

3 games to play with your 3-month-old

  1. I’ve Got Your Nose

Yes this sounds like a trivial game, and your baby may not know what you are saying or doing, but you are engaging them with touch and sound. For my son I get as close to him as possible so he can look at me and watch my expressions then I touch his nose and say either I got your nose or Beep.

He loves it, a smile will spread over his face in a second and we can do that for 15 minutes before he gets tired of it.

Tobias playing I've Got Your Nose with momma!
Tobias playing I’ve Got Your Nose with momma!

My husband does a different game to this where he says he is going to “eat his nose” and will use his face to get a smile from Tobias.

This brings me to a side note, do you ever say, “I’m going to eat you up,” to your child? This saying really freaks me out and I recently just read an article that gave me a clue as to why people say that.

You should check it out!

Why Do People Want To ‘Eat’ Cute Babies? Scientists Say It’s Their Smell by Lizette Borreli on Medical Daily.

  1. Tummy Time Tug

Now if you haven’t tried Tummy Time then you are missing out. I even enjoy Tummy Time, but for an infant it has a lot of benefits. It not only helps them with their neck muscles, but it does also help with leg, arm and abdominal strength.

Tummy Time!
Tummy Time!

Since my son is a bit older now and has way better head control we took Tummy Time to the next level and added in some things for him to reach for. He loves reaching for the little toys and well – he just loves to be on his tummy.

On a good day he will do Tummy Time for about 10 minutes until he decided to roll over. If you really want to engage your child, get down on the floor with them and call their name to get them to look at you. As soon as eye contact is made you will be greeted with the cutest smile – I promise (unless you child absolutely hates Tummy Time that is!)

Tobias Tummy Time Tug - he loves reaching for the monkey!
Tobias Tummy Time Tug – he loves reaching for the monkey!

Note: this should be common knowledge, but just in case it isn’t please don’t leave your child alone while they are doing Tummy Time (or really ever!). They can get tired easily and if they drop their head they can hurt themselves.

  1. Dance Party

Now this game is self explanatory, but just in case – Pick up your baby and move! My son loves to dance with me. I will either hold him, or use a harness and we will dance around the house. Now this puts a smile on his face quickly, but it also overstimulates him.

That being said, only do this game in short bursts if you have a child that over stimulates easily. My son can personally handle this game for about 5 minutes then he is tired and wants a nap. It maybe a short game, but it keeps him alert and he is engaged with sound and touch while we are playing.

What To Do When You’re Done Playing

Keep in mind that every child is different and my experience is based of my child, but once games are done we typically have a cool down time. This is a time that we try and settle down right before its time for a nap.

Tobias personally likes to listen to music on his Boppy or laying flat on the couch. I have learned that nature sounds and classical music help him calm down (anything with words in it tend to overstimulate him once he is done with an activity).

Tobias was tired from all the fun we had!
Tobias was tired from all the fun we had!

Here is a link to Tobias’ Personal Favorites: Sleep, Baby Sleep by Twin Sisters Productions, and John Tesh Classical Music for Babies (and their Moms) by John Tesh.

If you have missed your window for cool down time and your child has reached the COMPLETELY OVERSTIMULATED phase of the day be patient and just hold them close. I have been there – a lot! I was having so much fun playing with my son that I didn’t watch him closely enough to realize he was just DONE!

Now It’s Your Turn

 Go and enjoy your infant and have fun!

I know I will!

What games do you like to play with your babies? Leave them in the comments below!


Make Every Moment Count

Make every moment count; I have heard this saying so many times that it began to lose its meaning, but now I have been re-awakened to the idea. When I was a teenager I took the moments and seized them (carpe diem), but they were for superficial things. Honestly, now I can only remember a handful of things that I did as a teenage that still hold significance in my life today.

In my college years I took advantage of everything I could; clubs, extra courses in different fields of study, parties, and internships. I thought that if I made these moments count then I would have success in life. Yes, in a way it is true that I have success in life because of what I did in college, but it is not the success that I dreamed of. Most of these moments are not significant anymore and hold no permanent spot in my heart.

Daddy/Daughter moment!
Daddy/Daughter moment!

My father use to say that worrying about the future would just make the future more daunting and instead I should just enjoy my life; I use to laugh at him. I thought that the more I took advantage of the moments given, than my future would be secured – truth is I was taking advantage of the wrong moments.

A mistake I hope to correct in my life now.

I was always looking for profit and gain. Whether it was improving my social status in high school, or being an overachiever in college, I missed the big picture – to live a life worth remembering.

When you finally come to that point in your life when you realize that the things that once mattered no longer do your thinking begins to change. I remember fights with my parents all through high school. I would yell and scream, I would even try to “punish” them by making them feel guilty, but for the life of me I cannot remember why I was doing these things. Whatever it was it matted to me then, but not now. I grabbed the wrong moments to seize.

I recently told my husband that we waste a lot of energy getting upset. At first he just stared at me, then he agreed. It took us 26 years, but we finally get why our parents always smirked when we got mad.

Personally I only saw my parents get mad, and I mean really mad, a few time. I remember asking my dad why he would walk away in the middle of a debate with my mother and his response was always, “You have to pick your battles,” and “it isn’t worth the energy. I would just be doing more damage.” So dad, I finally understand, sorry it took so long! Thank you for the lesson, it is one I hope to teach to my children.

I don’t want to seize the moments that will scar my memories, I don’t want to look back and only remember the yelling (which in this situation was directed at a puppy who decided to eat nail clippers).

Cooper attempting to look innocent!
Cooper attempting to look innocent!

I want to remember that I laughed so hard that tears poured down my face at a joke my husband told me. I want to remember all of the joy that I experience when I hold and play with my son.

Yes, the big moments in life matter, but so does the “smaller” moments. The everyday moments are worth being remembered and if you are too overwhelmed with life and trying to achieve success you may miss them.

Money will always be there and so will jobs, but life isn’t about making a living, it’s about making a life!

This memory is one I will always hold close.
This memory is one I will always hold close.

I hope you all take the time today to create lasting memories and live your life to the fullest!


Colossians 1:10 – “so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please Him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God,”