I haven’t lived on this earth long enough to know why things happen the way they do, but I learned enough in my 28 years of life to know I should never discount others feelings.

Recently I have been under so much stress with family and even with work that I forgot to act in love.

I thought that everything I did was kind and gentle, but I was wrong. My emotions, my tone, and even my body language did not display the love I have in my heart for everyone I meet.

At first, when this was pointed out to me I got defensive, but after reflecting I knew there had to be some value to the claim.

I’m not sure what caused me to hurt this person and I will continue to try to get to the bottom of it, but the main issue was that I didn’t show love and I didn’t show kindness.

Renee Swope has an amazing quote that I strive for daily: “I want to be a woman who overcomes obstacles by tackling them in faith instead of tiptoeing around them in fear.”

After the initial conversation with the individual, I inadvertently hurt I decided to go back to them and talk it out. I had no idea I was acting the way I was and I apologized for the way I acted. I also asked that they tell me if I do it again so I could be held accountable.

The underline problem I am still searching for. I am still not sure if there was something that triggered me to act this way or if I was just letting my stress out and it landed on them, These are the things I am still mulling over.

Conflict is always going to happen in life. That won’t change.

What can change, however, is how I handle it.

I am the kind of person that has to think about the conflict before I can find a solution and I have to make sure that I never present my case or my feelings while angry.

Every situation is different and how we handle these kinds of situations will be different, because we are all beautifully different! It is our differences that make us strong.

It is our differences that make us stronger.

When conflicts arise in life remember to think before speaking and remember that not everyone is like you, so the way you.

I’m happy that my coworker and I were able to move past this situation. Backing off and thinking helped me to see the validity of their statement and their concern and for that, I hope I was able to reverse how they saw me in that moment of conflict.


❤ Sarah

So Much For My Husband’s Best Friend…

It wasn’t long ago that I purchased a beautiful Chocolate Lab puppy for my husband. This puppy has been on my husband’s heart for a while. He has always wanted a good, loyal lab puppy. So being the awesome wife that I am, I got him one!Cooper& Robert Of course there is some back-story, but that is probably better to tell at another time. So let me jump forward a bit and tell you about Cooper. Yes,    he loves my husband, but he has become my constant comforter and a great and loyal companion. It seems that honestly, he is more of my best friend than what I had originally anticipated. Cooper will run to my husband to play fetch or tug, but when it is time to nap or he is just in the mood for cuddling, he is right there next to me. Personally, I find this to be great practice for when my son is born. Cooper is always with me in the morning when I am getting ready for work and he does everything in his power to stop me from walking out the front door…until I give him a stuffed Kong toy! My bond with this pup is so strong and that is why the events that occurred last Thursday broke my heart. We enrolled Cooper into a puppy training class, mainly for socialization. He is a smart dog and already knows a lot of the commands, but we wanted him to learn to listen to us around distractions. Last week he was meeting one of the other dogs, that was not a puppy, and the dog attached him. I am not going to name the breed of the dog since that only helps by stereotyping. This dog was new to his family, but he was not use to other animals and my poor, playful Cooper found out the hard way. The other dog did clearly try to engage him in play, but in a split second changed his mind. Thankfully the injuries were not that bad (They honestly could have been way worse if the dog would have whipped his head), but it was the cries that broke my heart. I held my Cooper as close as I could and got a real dose of what it felt like to be a caregiver. Cooper Cooper Like a mother whose child has been bullied, I swept him up into my arms and held him as tight as I could until he stopped his whimpering and crying. When we finally went home, all we did was cuddle. Poor pup even had nightmares that night. This whole situation really gave me perspective on who I am. I am not someone to sit back and watch people in pain – I act! I will do whatever is needed to help and show them the love and compassion we all deserve. It is funny how a story about a puppy can cause me to reflex on my own personality, but that is what happened. Oh and on a positive note, Cooper is doing just fine and is back in puppy classes. He even has a new best friend! For those of you wondering about the older dog he is doing fine as well and has been enrolled in a more advanced socialization class to help him confront his fears.

Now enjoy a quick clip of puppies playing. This is sure to make anyone smile!