Live. Learn. Repeat.

Mother’s Day came and went, and while I had a “picture perfect” day envisioned in my mind… it is absolutely not what I got!

Instead of breakfast in bed, I made everyone breakfast (I don’t mind, cooking, but it would have been nice to have someone else do it for a change), instead of hugs and kisses from my son I got the teething tyrant (poor kid was screaming his head off almost all day).


Typically, Mother’s Day is where the dad steps in and takes control hoping to keep the mom sane, but my husband was preparing for a business trip….so yea, out the window went that idea!

Around 6 p.m. after a constant 2 hours of screaming from my son, (which he never does, Normally he is pretty calm) I was about to lose it. Tears were forming in my eyes and my head was pounding.I just wanted to comfort my son, but nothing seemed to help.

I heard a small voice tell me to breathe and of course I kind of laughed, but I did it anyway.

I focused on my breathing and calmed myself down, and then I was able to calm my son. This is a lesson I have always struggled to learn and it is one I am sure I will have to relearn over and over!

It is important to get yourself in order before you can help others. If you aren’t right, how can you expect to make others better?

I get it, human nature runs ramped and everyone wants to fix every problem they can – as long as its someone else’s life and not their own.  Eventually you will have to look into the mirror and see all of your own issues and if anything, you should be able to fix your own problems!

But we fail!

We will always fail if we constantly try to do things that are out of our reach. It is only by the grace of God that we can be made new. When death knocks on your door and you meet Jesus face to face he isn’t going to ask you who else you fixed. He wants to know that you accepted him and have tried to live your life according to his word. Yes, he wants us to guide others to him, but he didn’t ask us to fix them! He is the only one who can change a person’s heart!

He doesn’t want to hear that you were so busy trying to fix everyone around you that your forgot to spend time with him, or even talk to him.

If you really want to help others it comes down to this:

Love them unconditionally for who they are and who God created them to be. Live your life according to God’s word; be his example to the world. 

I can’t fix every problem, and I will go insane if I continue to try. So I am going to take a step back, breathe, and make sure my life is right then and only then will I be able to assist others.

Now, here is a better picture of my son Tobias and I for Mother’s Day!

Only Mother's Day Photo I was able to get - without crying that is!
Only Mother’s Day Photo I was able to get – without crying that is!

Happy Tuesday!


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