100 Steps to Go…

I feel like I have written so many blogs, but yet none of them have been posted! That is honestly because I cannot bring myself to press the “publish” button. A lot of things have been happening, both good and bad. I will admit that in my eyes it has been a lot of bad – which in turn, has taken its toll on me. With that being said, I have come up with some new ways to fight back the negativity in my life and that is by creating some new personal goals. I must be honest, I am not going to share all of them here, but I do want to share 4 that I think everyone could benefit from.

Goal #1: Fellowship with God

It seems that when life gets busy the first thing that takes a hit is my time with God. My devotions get cut short, or I rush my prayers. My focus is not all there. Not only is spending time with God one of my goals, it is my personal challenge to take time to spend with him. I am positive that if I can slow down and spend time with God the rest will all fall into place. This isn’t just a time commitment; it is also a state of mind. Focus and patience will be tested, I am sure.

Goal #2:  Learn to love myself

Quite a few people have asked me if I feel more confident with my body after the birth of my son. I will admit that I heard a lot of women admitting that after labor they feel so much better about their body and their shape. However, this is not the case with me. Let’s be honest, the birth of a child can help shape your view of your body but ultimately, it is a mind-set change. My mind-set has not yet changed, but I want it too! I am determined to love myself just the way I am. With this goal I have also challenged myself to wear less makeup and with that I have changed around how I care for my skin. I feel that it is important for me to take extra time in the morning and at night to care for myself. This does seem to be helping me appreciate who I am. IMG_2292 Side Note: I have a few sticky notes currently on my mirror with uplifting words and scriptures to help keep me focused on God!

Goal #3: Change my eating habits

Now, first off let me start by saying that I do not hate my body. However, I do tend to worry about my weight due to family history of disease and also because I do want to be healthy. I used to be very athletic, and somewhere in college that changed. I was still active by my body began to change and I never fully accepted that (This is why Goal #2 is so important). I have now come to terms with how and why my body has changed since the birth of my son (I don’t love it, but I do understand). I want to be healthy for me and for my family. So I have started to track what I am eating and doing a weekly meal prep to make sure I am getting all the right stuff! 10426196_10100703724103531_6973640644195868287_n IMG_2259

The hard part will be to stop drinking soda…that will take some time I am sure of it.

Goal #4: Make time to pursue writing

Everyone has dreams, and when your dreams seem to be on standby then we become dissatisfied with life. At least I do. I have had dreams of becoming a writer for so long and let me be clear, I do not need to be a New York Times Bestseller, but I would love to be published a little more. I have had a few stories accepted for publication, but I would love to get more. One of my Lifetime Goals is to get a novel published in the traditional manor (not self-publishing). Those are some of my personal goals. I believe these goals will help me to be a better me! journal

I will admit though, when I am feeling down all I need to do is look at my sweet Tobias and everything is instantly better! As soon as a smile come across his face my heart melts and all my petty problems melt away!

IMG_2317 IMG_2315 IMG_2237

What are some of the goals you have? Please share in the comment section below!

Happy Friday!

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