In Honor of Collin

Collin with his son Jude
Collin with his son Jude.

Life is full of surprises, and sadly not all of those surprises are good. This week I got word that a childhood friend had been hit by a drunk driver and killed.

1 Dead and 1 Injured in Wrong Way Crash

As I close my eyes I see Collin and I as children playing on the swing set at school and challenging each other to tetherball competitions at almost every recess.

All of my childhood memories have Collin in them.

He grew to be a man of honor and a man who ran after God wholeheartedly. He was a single father to two beautiful children, Jude 6 and Celia 4. Both of his kids got his kind heart and his zeal for life, but now they are missing their daddy.

My heart is breaking.

If you would like to donate funds to these children to help provide for them please click here. Every little bit is appreciated.


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