Let’s Talk About Babies and Crying…

Being a new mom you get advice all the time, and I do mean all the time! Most of the advice I get comes from strangers and for some odd reason it occurs at Walmart the most. Its like women can smell a new mom, and like a hunting tiger they attack!Tiger

I get the everyday advice like how to stop a baby crying – mostly because my son is crying when we are in the store, but it isn’t like the stranger is being sweet and trying to help. They are judging! I see behind those fake smiles people and yes I have heard the under-the-breathe comments like “my baby never cried,” the “I can’t believe she hasn’t stopped that baby from crying yet,” or my personally favorite, “this is why kids should be left at home.”

What did they just say about me?
What did they just say about me?

Now I am not being bitter, honestly I find all of these comments to be hilarious and I hear them a lot! Here is my take on babies crying in public- he is a baby and guess what – he cries! Just like you are taking time and energy to express your feelings about my son to me, my son is taking time and energy to express his feelings as well. His articulation is perfect it’s just that he doesn’t know the words yet.

You say your baby never cried…I doubt that. Unless of course you kept shoving a bottle or pacifier into their mouths, which I personally think is cruel. Children need to learn to develop their own voice and this starts with crying. As far as I am concerned if my baby is fed, changed, I am holding him and he is crying, then he must need to cry – get over it people! Babies cry, end of story.

They just can't see it...
They just can’t see it…

Remember that anyone can give advice, that doesn’t mean you are obligated to take it. When it comes to children it typically takes awhile for new parents to realize that everyone has an opinion and will shove it down your throat. I was blessed to have an older brother who has 3 children and was able to learn this lesson early on.

New parents stand your ground and don’t worry about the others around you. If your child is crying in a public place don’t let the haters get to you. As long as you care for your son or daughter and love them unconditionally than you are a great parent! Keep doing what you are doing!


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